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Seareq for Professionals

Special Task Force in operation - with Seareq-Beacons

Seareq presents the new Beacons ENOSpro and MOBOSpro

The „Power-Beacons“ cover a receiving range of more than 16 NM (30 km)

The Seareq-Beacons are a step ahead of all other beacons because its antennas are inside of the robust housing; maximum protected against damage. At "boat-show 2019" Seareq presents worldwide new products with which the company underlines its high innovative way of thinking – once again.
A reliable transmission of the alert is perequisite for a speedy rescue. Nevertheless, it's not unusual that the alert of a beacon is eliminated by the water wave or by an overstrained radio frequency. That's why many alarms don't reach the life-saving receiver.
Although this problem does not really exist for Seareq-Beacons because the systems ENOS and MOBOS function with an own radio frequency, the manufacturer Seareq presents the new generation of Beacons ENOSpro und MOBOSpro.
With a coverage of more than 16 Nautical Miles (30 Kilometers) persons in need can be located even in huge distances. The new Seareqpro-Beacons can be combined with all existing Seareq-Receivers, merely a special radio receiving antenna is necessary.
The new Seareqpro-Beacons may not be from high interest for scuba divers and private sailors which are perfect protected with the "normal" Seareq-Beacons but they are from very high interest for sailing racers and professionals who have to stand operations at sea.
At "boat-show" 2019 the Seareq Power-Beacons ENOSpro und MOBOSpro will be launched!
We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth in  hall 3, stand E 86  ⇒  3 E 86
More information will be published soon on this website under menu PRODUCTS