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Rescued - instead of Gone With The Wind!

The kiter is rescued - thanks to MOBOS!

World Premiere at Bonaire

KITEBOARDING BONAIRE is world's 1st Kiteboarding Centre protecting the guests with MOBOS. Here kiter can enjoy the amazing wind without any restrictions and they don't have to fear to become blow off on the open sea. ...
On request the kiter get a MOBOS-Beacon which is easy to attach to the equipment because it weigh 165 Gram only.
In case of emergency the kiter activates the MOBOS-Beacon which relays an alert and the GPS position of the kiter immediately to the centre at the beach. Now the staff sees precisely where the kiter in need is located and can initiate the rescue promptly. Without SAR, Coast Guard and even free of charge!
Due to the fact that the MOBOS-Receiver is portable and splashwater proofed it can be taken into the dinghy without any problems - a big advantage, especially when the kiter is not visible.
To maximize safety KITEBOARDING BONAIRE has installed an additioinal receiving antenna in 5 meters height to receive all alerts even from kiters who are calling for help from huge distances. Depending on the high of the receiving antenna MOBOS-System covers a receiving range of up to 5.6 NM / 10 Kilometers.


⇒ Here you find the official Press Release regarding MOBOS at KITEBOARDING BONAIRE