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New hotspot on the Maldives – with ENOS

ENOS onboard: DivePoint Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah – New hotspot on the Maldives – with ENOS

Tiger- and Thresher-Sharks lure to DivePoint Maldives’ southernmost dive center 


Male‘  -  Since decades the Maldives are a very attractive destination for divers. The tropical world under water and the beautiful islands surrounded by wonderful beaches and lagoons leave nothing to desire. Here, Marcus Hauck manages very successfully his seven dive centers "DivePoint Maldives" since 2006. Now the eighth is added: located on island Fuvahmulah.


Tiger and Thresher Sharks in the Deep South

One and a half hour takes the flight from domestic airport Male’ to the island closed to the equator which is completely different from (all) other “typical” Maldivian islands. Therefore it provides new impressions even to tourists who know the Maldives very well. 7000 people live on the relatively big island spread over several towns and villages. Tourists are not separated and have a chance to observe real Maldivian everyday life. Additionally a little jungle exist on Fuvahmulah (without poison animals) and even two fresh water lakes which is a true rarity on the Maldives.

But the most distinctive feature is the loneliness of Fuvahmulah. The island is not part of an atoll and there are no neighboring islands, no shallow areas or lagoons. Here coast meets high-sea. That’s why big fishs are seen at (almost) every dive, specifically Tiger-Sharks! Worldwide Fuvahmulah is famous for the biggest known population of Tiger-Sharks as well as for the one and only known reproduction place of Tiger- and Thresher-Sharks


Currents in exposed locations – ENOS is a Must

The Dive Centre "DivePoint Fuvahmulah" was opened in January 2020 – and promptly thwarted by the Corona virus! This, however, did not encourage Marcus Hauck! So he postponed the opening to April 2021. A new Dohny was built and arrived safely at Fuvahmulah after a 24 hours non-stop trip from Male’. In addition to the customary equipment consisting of 12 and 15 l aluminium tanks, compressors for air and Nitrox and lead the ENOS-System is also installed onboard – clearly to identify by the two big red-yellow logos which were fixed by Marcus Hauck.


Safety is implemented – instead of mere lip-services

"We are not just talking about safety we really implement it", Marcus Hauck emphasizes. "In general the Maldives are famous for strong currents which are even stronger in the waters of Fuvahmulah! Divers who are swept away here have just small chances to become found. That’s the reason why it was totally clear to me to install ENOS from the beginning on."

So he separates "DivePoint Fuvahmulah" very positive from all other dive centers and represents a sign of safety in the Maldives where divers go lost every year – not all are found and rescued … not only on island Fuvahmulah!



Photo: Daniel Brinckmann