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Nautilus Two with ENOS onboard

The renowned liveaboard Nautilus Two with ENOS

"Nautilus TWO" with ENOS onboard


The renowned liveaboard sets new standards in the Maldives

Male‘  - Since 25 years Alois "Lois" Maenner lives in the Maldives and knows this diving destination like hardly anybody else. His safari-ships "Nautilus One" and "Nautilus Two" belong to the most successful liveaboards as approved by booking rates. Especially the bigger boat "Nautilus Two" is in high demand due to its spacious capacity.

Right now Lois Maenner has inaugurated a new dive Dohny, made from fibre glass which carries the guests comfortable from "Nautilus Two" to the dive spot. Here Maenner promotes not just in comfort but also in safety: The new Dohny is equipped with sea radio and other maritime electronic devices – and with ENOS-System. All in all the new Dohny is an investment of 140000 Euros!

Permanently installed ENOS-Receiver, extra high antenna

The ENOS-Receiver is fixed installed in the command’s bridge and always in the eyes of the captain. Additionally an extra speaker was installed to make sure that the ENOS-Alert is immediately recognized in case of need and to enable a prompt rescue operation. To receive alerts even from longer distances the radio receiving antenna was mounted extra high with a special holder on the roof of the Dohny. The installation of the receiver, the speaker as well as of the antenna was mounted by Karl Hansmann, owner of manufacturing company Seareq and inventor of the ENOS-System.

27 ENOS-Beacons

27 ENOS-Beacons are available onboard "Nautilus Two". Enough to equip all divers and each of the three guides with a personal ENOS-Beacon. It will be handed over after check-in and is free of charge during the stay onboard.

View on the future

Thanks to ENOS-System "Nautilus Two" belongs thus among the elite circle of the few safari-boats providing highest and best safety for the divers. Furthermore Maenner’s investment cannot be praised high enough due to the current Corona pandemic! His attention is directed to the future when diving tourism starts again in the Maldives. That’s the moment to set him apart from the mass! And for sure in this competition "Nautilus Two" will be at the forefront thanks to the new Dohny and ENOS-System.