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VDWS article about MOBOS-System



VDWS International, the leading federation for Wind and Kite Surfing, presents MOBOS as a problem solver

"Gone with the wind" is a successful novel which was going around the world. 
For Wind and Kite Surfers a llife-threatening situation if they drift far away on the open sea; unable to surf back and not seen anymore. Large-scale search operations are the result not all end successfully ... 
This is daily routine for Seareq!
Since 2004 the Specialist in Safety and Rescue Equipment provides ENOS-System, a problem solver for divers if they were swept away by currents.
The syster system MOBOS bases on the same reliable technology and is a very successful Man-Over-Board-System for Sailors, Yachters, Wind and Kite Surfers, SUP ...
MOBOS-System is absolutely autonomous and enables an instant rescue of the swept away sports guy just in a few minutes! Since 2005 the sister system ENOS is worldwide in operation on diving centers. These crews never had to search for the missed divers! That's why no rescue operation took longer than 17 minutes - although divers were 1.7 NM swept away!
The same successfil story is now written by MOBOS which is already in wind and kite surfing applications. The use is license free and free of charge; means, no radio certificate is required and no regular costs are associated as it occurs by GSM/mobile use. 
No wonder that federation VDWS International is convinced of MOBOS-System.
►  Here you find the bi-lingual VDWS International Magazine, issue April 2020 (German + Englisch)