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A Superb Feeling

ENOS-Boat M/Y Longimanus in the Red Sea
A Superb Feeling
The sea was choppy and the water on the surface was murky, contrary to the atmosphere onboard: From the beginning on this safari was characterized by a very high spirit which became even higher due to the anticipation of the next dive because we were anchoring at one of Red Sea’s most beautiful reef.
Later, when we were in the water the situation changed tremendously:
currents changed and we drifted into another direction as planned – and as the Zodiac drivers were briefed. But we didn’t get in stress because we all were experienced divers and the group stood together. After surfacing the will find us for sure, such a big group of 12 divers …
Suddenly, currents became SO strong as I never saw before – although I am really experienced because since more than 6 years I am working as Guide on liveaboards in the Red Sea. I signalized to the divers „use your fins powerful“ and swim close to the reef but we lost sight. Nevertheless, just a short break later we all met each other on the surface.
Here, we recognized that "M/Y Longimanus" and the dinghies were veeery far away: more than 1.5 km / 0.85 NM (as it was told to us later)!
Sometimes, just in short moments, we saw the Zodiacs between the high waves and we recognized how they were searching for us – but in a direction which was totally different from our position!
"Stay together, inflate your SMB, activate ENOS" I adviced because it was clear that nobody will spot us; in spite of the big group.
Thanks to ENOS the crew of "M/Y Longimanus" immediately knew where we were drifting. And the Zodiac drivers picked us up promptly after getting this information.
Back on board the spirit was still terrific!
It was clear to the divers and the crew that this case might have had a bitter ending without ENOS. The current under water was abnormally strong and swept us into an abnormal direction …
The search operation would have been a horror for all participants!
Instead of that all of us were back on board safely that’s why everybody had a superb feeling!
This story is summarized very professional by Mahmoud Abd el Hady, owner of  "M/Y Longimanus":
"Here, it’s clearly to see how fast even experienced divers can get in danger; although they haven’t done any mistake! This is the reason why my "Longi" is equipped with ENOS – and my crew is totally convinced of it!"
Mahmoud Abd el Hady
Mohamed Tolba, Dive Guide