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MOBOS - Personal Stories

Sailors describing their personal stories with MOBOS-System

Do you also have experiences with currents, (high) waves, MOB maneuver? With or without MOBOS-System?
Tell us your story, we are happy if you exchange your experiences:

Pure Relaxation

Sailing yacht with MOBOS, winch
Great to see how our kids (4 + 6 years) enjoy sailing with us. Stress, when the older can't get enough in the evening and want to continue in the harbour on the "Opti" ...
Thanks to MOBOS we have one worry fewer!
Michael S.

MOBOS versus rest of AIS

Search for MOB in rough waters

MOBOS versus rest of AIS

At "boot" show 2015 MOBOS-System was launched, world's 1st MOB-System independent of other technologies and independent of SAR
In May 2015 we  —  the mtcc, maritimes trainings center celle  —  initiated a trial in front of German island Helgoland to put MOBOS to the acid. The day of trial we had wind speed of 19 knots and 2.5 to 3 meter high waves.
Perfect circumstances for a trial to test Man-Over-Board-Systems.
Veit Hilger, mtcc