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ENOS - Personal Stories

Authentic personal stories from divers who made their experiences with ENOS-System - and from divers who have missed it bitterly after surfacing …

Do you also have experiences with strong currents?
With or without ENOS-System?
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I would be a widow without ENOS

Drifting diver without ENOS
I don't dive. But I know ENOS - and I'm a very big fan!
Once a year my husband spends vacation without me when he joins a dive safari on a liveaboard.
This is his personal matter because I don't dive.
Nevertheless, since a couple of years I insist on an ENOS-Boat because for sure I would be a widow without ENOS!
Corinna G.

A Superb Feeling

ENOS-Boat M/Y Longimanus in the Red Sea
A Superb Feeling
The sea was choppy and the water on the surface was murky, contrary to the atmosphere onboard: From the beginning on this safari was characterized by a very high spirit which became even higher due to the anticipation of the next dive because we were anchoring at one of Red Sea’s most beautiful reef.
Later, when we were in the water the situation changed tremendously: ...
Mohamed Tolba, Dive Guide

We were quite perplexed!

Andy Laessing asks for ENOS onboard
Andy Laessing is a very experienced diver and VDST (CMAS) Instructor.
His first underwater experiences he made in 1950 and since 1960 he is member of VDST (CMAS).
He is still fond of diving and focussed on the main things on a diving boat.
Andy Laessing

Hanging by a hair

M/Y Seawolf Dominator with ENOS onboard
Today it was planned to dive at Daedalus Reef – and everybody was looking forward to see sharks.
In his briefing the guide explained detailed how to swim alongside the reef. The selected divespot is one of the best of Daedalus where many sharks are swimming around.
Nevertheless, a group of 3 divers decided to swim in the opposite direction. ...
Cici Nedwed, owner of Seawolf Diving, Hurghada/Egypt

ENOS is absolutely magic!!!

ENOS-Beacon at the surface while the divers taking decompression
Since many years Roland and Beulah Mauz running their diving center AFRICAN DIVE ADVENTURE very successfully in South Africa.
They provide dives which are spectacular and fasten divers' heartbeats:
"Protea Banks", "Sardine Run", dives with Tiger Sharks, Sandtiger Sharks, Schools of Hammerheads ...
Some of the dives are in current waters and they have tried a lot to give as much safety to them as possible.
Here you find Roland's comments on the website he wrote at May 20th 2016 about his experiences he made with ENOS-System.
Roland Mauz

ENOS: Unbeatable Value!

ENOS onboard is a big relief

ENOS onboard is a big relief

Conclusion of a dive instructor: "Unbeatable Value!"
I worked for many years as diving instructor in Asia and in the Red Sea.
In summary I must say that the time on ENOS-Boats was almost stressless because the danger of losing divers due to currents did not exist there! In case of need I even didn't search for the missed divers! Because I saw their positions clearly understandable on the screen of ENOS-Receiver which is why we always "just picked them up" from the surface.

Longest hour of my life

The longest hour of my life

The longest hour of my life  —  without ENOS

I never expected how long 60 minutes can be
It happened in the Maldives by a drift-dive which is typically in this region.

As usually the captain didn’t drop the anchor. The divers jumped into the water and the buddy teams drifted with the current during the dive. At the end of the dive the crew of the Dohny collected the divers after they surfaced. Due to the fact that the every diver/buddy team took his individual time to watch and enjoy the reef the buddy teams separated.


Swimming for bare survival

Without ENOS we swam for our lives

Swimming for bare survival

Human being = the source of error  —  without  ENOS we swam for our lives
During an exploration dive at a new dive spot we (four divers) carried the safety devices available on the market today, however in summary, they all failed us. It is only because of enormous physical exertion and great luck that we are in the situation where we can report it today.
Our “adventure” happened in a world class dive region. Our dive group consisted of the owner of the diving center, his buddy (a professional diver in his past), my wife and I.
Oliver und Claudia

Truly an advantage in competition

Aqua Active Agency recommend ENOS

Aqua Active Agency recommend ENOS

ENOS set liveaboards apart from the crowds
"As a tour operator with more than 15 years experiences on the global market we have noticed that dive boats equipped with the rescue and locating system ENOS definitely increased bookings.
The slogan "ENOS onboard", is a powerful marketing tool which is why we display it on our website with all boats and diving centers using ENOS-System.
No wonder that we publish articles about ENOS-System in our online magazine because customers are seriously interested in this outstanding tool.
Once divers see that safety has high priority for the tour operator it makes their choice of dive boat easier.“
Marion + Achim Goldmann, AAA GmbH

Relaxed diving vacation: Omneia Reisen and ENOS

Omneia Reisen recommend ENOS

Guests of Omneia benefit from ENOS-System

The owner worked many years as diving instructor and shares her experiences with her guests
I worked many years as diving instructor.
More than 10 years on safari boats amongst others onboard of the liveaboard, which was the 1st in the Red Sea equipped with theelectronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS..
It didn't take long time to find out that many divers booked this boat mainly because of ENOS-System.  ...
Monika Hofbauer, Omneia Tauchen and Reisen

7 in 1 Sweep

ENOS rescue 7 divers in one sweep

7 in one sweep   —  anything but magical

Mainly my report is about ENOS-System because we possibly owe our lives to this system
Wir were a group of 7 divers and dropped into the water at the north of the reef to observe Hammerheads in 30 metres of depth. We waited in range of sight to the reef. The currents weren’t strong and the visibility was relatively good.

After a while, a Longimanus Shark approached ...


Early Morning Dive

Activated ENOS-Beacon after surfacing


Thanks to ENOS we got breakfast
The Zodiac motored around the reef to drop us at the top of the reef. From here we would be diving back to the liveaboard. Divers who surfaced on the way were going to be picked up by the Zodiac. We were a group of 4 divers: the dive guide, 2 buddies and I.
The maximum dive time was limited to one hour

Almost 2 Nautical Miles - SO FAST!

Almost 2 Nautical Miles / 3 Kilometers

"I never expected that this go so fast"
"Daedalus Reef" is one of the most spectacular dive spots in the Red Sea and all divers looked forward to the dives here.
The morning dive was documented "smooth dive" in my logbook. Just a few hours later in the afternoon we had to swim against strong currents. In a very short time the current became very strong during the dive, much stronger than it was recognizable at the check prior the dive.

Not a dangerous case - actually ...

ENOS has prevented an accident

Not a dangerous case  —  actually ...

It's absolutely clear: This would have result in an emergency case without ENOS
During the safari it happened one day that 2 divers were not able to dive down because of problems with their ears.
In the time they tried to clear their ears, currents on the surface swept them far away and they were no longer able to swim back to the boat.
In this situation they activated their ENOS-Beacons and the Zodiac picked them up promptly. Just a short time later they were back on board, although they had drifted approximately 1 km / 0.6 NM away!


Noemi owes her life to ENOS-System
Regardless of my experience of several hundred dives I got in a situation from where ENOS only could rescue me!
The liveaboard was anchoring at the "Brother Islands"/Red Sea and we wanted to dive at the wreck of "Numidia", the "rail-way-wreck".
Immediately after beginning the dive I realized that I would not be able to reach my buddies. I surfaced, inflated my BCD and then my SMB.
With regret the driver of the Zodiac hasn't seen me due to the high waves that day!
It came into my direction to drop other divers from our group onto the wreck. Then it turned away ...