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Swept away diver calls for help with ENOS-Beacon

LOST  —  and Found!

OPEN WATER is more than a movie - open water is everyday!



ENOS  —  the ultimate rescue system for divers 

Successful and reliable since 2005 - worldwide 




FOUND - statt Lost, dank ENOS



A nightmare for every diver: Surfacing   —   and the boat is missing!
One is surfacing  —  and alone, the boat is away!
Did they forget me?

Or did currents sweep me away?

Worldwide a lot of divers going lost because they were not visible after surfacing ...
"Godd luck" for all who became found after a long, nerve-racking drift.

            —   and Found!

Better to book a boat with ENOS onboard!
The ENOS-System provides a speedy rescue – reliable and successful – since 2005, worldwide!
ENOS-Divers don’t have to wait long when they are swept away by currents! ENOS-Divers don’t drift helpless on the surface … anxious … if they become rescued or not ...
Instead of that they inform their crew within seconds to initiate a prompt rescue.
Just a short time later they are safely back on board  –  even when the boat is far away and not visible!
The daily routine on ENOS-Boats was never interrupted or changed because of missed divers!
ENOS-Crews don’t search for missed divers. They precisely know where the divers are drifting and pick them up!
ENOS-System consists of 2 units:
  1. ENOS-Beacon, carried by the diver during the dive  ⇒  ENOS-BEACON
  2. ENOS-Receiver, onboard of the dive boat  ⇒  ENOS-RECEIVER
ENOS - autarkic and efficient
ENOS combines GPS-Navigation and Radio Frequency. It is independent of external technologies.
It is absolutely autonomous and does not require support from SAR (Search And Rescue) or Coast Guards. The crew of the dive boat can initiate the rescue operation immediately.
A big advantage, especially in remote areas and during dive-safaris. ⇒  ENOS-PRINCIPLE
      ENOS®  is a registered trade mark 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY                                      

ENOS-System  —  Speedy Rescue


Worldwide ENOS is the one and only rescue system for divers showing the crew precisely the positions of the lost divers on its screen.

It functions absolutely independent and autonomously. It neither needs support of other rescue institutions (e.g. SAR) nor from external technologies (e.g. GMDSS, AIS etc.).
Funktionsprinzip ENOS-System
1. The Dive Boat / Liveaboard
The ENOS-Receiver is placed onboard and determines its position [A] through the GPS satellites.
2. The Divers
After surfacing the divers activate their ENOS-Beacons which relay its signals directly to the ENOS-Receiver.
Without detours! That's why ENOS is autonomous. No external technologies are required (e.g. AISGMDSS) nor external support (e.g. SARCoast-Guard).
Just 5 seconds later the ENOS-Receiver receives the 1st Alert from the divers: An audible high frequency signal sounds and a warning window appears with the note "NEW ALERT !" including the Beacon number and ID. The crew is instantly informed about the case of emergency! 
If the divers are still visible the crew can initiate the rescue operation now.
If the divers are not visible the crew just has to wait until the ENOS-Receiver shows their precise GPS position. ⇒  ENOS-SCREEN
In general this takes just a few minutes.
GPS Position
Immediately after ENOS-Beacon has transmitted its 1st alert it determines its GPS position [B] through the GPS satellites.
3. Transmission of ENOS-Alert
The 1st Alert and the GPS data are relayed on a radio frequency which is license free and does not require a radio certificate (SRC).

The ENOS-Alert is free of charge and does not interfere in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System).

4. ENOS-Display
Using its own GPS position [A] and the received GPS position [B] from the Beacon, ENOS-Receiver then determines the exact distance and bearing from the boat to the divers. This data are displayed clearly and simply on the ENOS-Receiver-Screen ⇒  ENOS-SCREEN
ENOS is the key for a speedy rescue! 
Now the crew just has to pick them up  —  just a few minutes after the divers surfaced and switched on their ENOS-Beacons. 
      ENOS®  is a registered trade mark 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY                                      

ENOS-Beacon  —  Fabulous


ENOS-Beacon ETX is a result of consequent engineering research.ENOS-Sender im Einsatz
During development work our eyes were focused on divers’ needs. We demanded particularly high standards so that the Beacon stand the rough water sports business.
ENOS-Sender an der TauchausrüstungHandy and Compact
ENOS-Beacon is 20 cm / 7.87 inches long, has a diameter of 3,5 cm / 1.38 inches and weighs 165 grams / 0.36 lbs only including batteries!
It has no impact on the diver's buoyancy.
Thanks to its pouch there are several ways to attach the ENOS-Beacon to the diving equipment.
Robust Housing, Reliable Manufacturing
The ENOS-Beacon is very light — all the more it is very robust: No leaking problems!
All antennas are inside the housing, maximum protected against damage  —  this worldwide unique!
It's pressure proofed up to 330 feet / 100 meters, on request up to 660 feet / 200 meters.
ENOS-Sender, eingeschaltet
Permanent Updates, Far Visible LED
All 20 seconds ENOS-Beacon relays its signal. The crew gets permanent an update from the drifting diver.
These short intervals guarantee a reliable transmission of the alert even at high waves:
If the diver is located in a wave hollow while ENOS-Beacon is relaying, it’s rather unlikely that the alert reach the ENOS-Receiver because the water wave absorbs ("swallows") the radio wave. But 30 or 60 seconds later the diver is positioned on the top of the wave from where the ENOS-Signal can be easily received.
At its top a far visible LED is placed which regularly blinks which increase safety enormously.
Additionally the LED shows the status of battery capacity as well as the mode of function
Easy to Handle
The switch of ENOS-Beacon is very easy to handle: Just turn the red foot by 180°  —  that’s it.
No confusing buttons which are difficult to handle with gloves (if at all …). Therefore ENOS-Beacon is easy to activate even with cold, icy fingers and even with thick dry-suit gloves.
After switching on the asymmetric position shows clearly "ON" (Figure right)  —  important and calming in such stressful situation!
Now, ENOS-Beacon just has to be hold above the surface (Photos above).
This is important for an error-free transmission of the alert because the water wave "swallows"/absorbs the radio wave.
Immediate Alert
The ENOS-Beacon relays its 1st Alert immediately to the ENOS-Receiver after activating.
After the GPS position is evaluated, EOS-Beacon transmits the data automatically to the ENOS-Receiver   ⇒ ENOS-PRINCIPLE
Now, the crew knows precisely where the divers drifting treibt  —  just a few minutes after they surfaced  ⇒ ENOS-SCREEN
Receiving Range up to 5.6 Nautical Miles  /  10 Kilometers
Depending on the height of the radio receiving antenna the receiving range of ENOS-System is up to 5.6 NM / 10 km.
Why Batteries instead of Rechargeable Batteries?
The ENOS-Beacon is powered by two AAA Lithium batteries, which are available all over the world. The change of batteries can be handled easily by the customer. No return to manufacturer, due to battery change!
The use of Lithium batteries has unbeatable advantages compared to rechargeable batteries::
  • Rechargeable batteries lose capacity by times even when they were not used
  • Rechargeable batteries must be recharged regularly and permanently
  • An unnoticed power blackout during night has negative influence to the capacity of the rechargeable batteries
For Your Safety
Imagine, a diver drifts in the open sea and the rechargeable batteries of his beacon don’t bring 100 % performance  —  although it was recharged all night long  —  horrible ...!
This is the reason why we will never implement rechargeable batteries in our Seareq Rescue Beacons  —  because of your safety!
ENOS-Beacons are powered by Lithium batteries with a guaranteed capacity of 18 years! The batteries provide full performance even after many years. No loss of power, no regular check of the batteries capacities.
Our World Record: Outstanding Power Management
The current time of ENOS-Beacon takes 170 hours  =  1 week!
This is world record of all emergency beacons, set by our developing engineers.
Thus the Beacon has always enough power, even after several rescue operations because an ENOS-Rescue takes just a few minutes in average. When the batteries have to be changed is clearly to see at the flash-lights of the LED and detailed described in the manual of ENOS-System. 
      ENOS®  is a registered trade mark 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY                                      

Tailor-made Solutions:

For all kind of boats the perfect ENOS-Receiver!

Every diving center works different.
Therefore we provide 6 different ENOS-Receiver, for every kind of boat: from inflatable vessels up to luxury liveaboards.tragbarer ENOS-Empfänger mit integriertem Bildschirm
During developing ENOS-Beacon we were focused on the drifting diver and his anxious feelings. During developing ENOS-Receiver our eyes were focused on the crew – for a smooth and speedy rescue operation.
  1. ENOS-Receiver ERX-O
    The ENOS-Receiver in a portable case with integrated Touch Screen. It is absolutely autarkic, with GPS and radio receiving antenna.
    The ERX-O must be used outside the cabin = Outdoor, because it can’t receive its GPS data inside a room.
    ►  Perfect when different boats are frequently used
    ►  Very comfortable to use it in an inflatable vessel


  2. ENOS-Receiver ERX-Itragbarer ENOS-Empfänger mit Tablet als mobilen Bildschirm
    Receiver ERX-I (not pictured) is similar to ENOS-Receiver ERX-O.
    In addition to ERX-O the Receiver ERX-I provides a 2nd socket on its front-plate to connect an additional external GPS antenna.
    This enables an Indoor use of Receiver ERX-I.
    ►  Thanks to the further GPS antenna the Receiver ERX-I determines its GPS data even inside a cabin
    ►  Perfect to use in an inflatable vessel


  3. ENOS-Receiver ERX-BT-O
    A portable ENOS-Receiver with a Tablet PC as mobile screen. The case receives the alert from the diver in need, evaluates the data and forwards them to the Tablet via Bluetooth technology. Just with a hand-held Tablet in hands it is much easier to watch for the divers.
    During transport the Tablet can be fixed on the front-plate.
    The ERX-BT-O is absolutely autonomous and completely equipped with GPS and radio receiving antenna.
    It must be used outside the cabin = Outdoor.
    ►  Perfect when different boats are frequently usedAlles im Blick: ENOS-Notrufe auf dem Tablet
    ►  Very comfortable on big boats:
         Just with a hand-held Tablet in hands it is much easier to watch out for the missed divers
    ►  Ideal to use in an inflatable vessel


  4. ENOS-Receiver ERX-BT-I
    Receiver ERX-I (not pictured) is similar to ENOS-Receiver ERX-O. But on its front-plate it provides an additional socket to connect an additional GPS antenna. Thus Receiver ERX-BT-I can be used also in a cabin = Indoor, because it will get its GPS position through the additional external GPS antenna.
    ►  Ideal when the ENOS-Receiver shall be placed inside a cabin = Indoor
    ►  Very comfortable on big boats:
          Just with a hand-held Tablet in hands it is much easier to watch out for the missed divers
    ►  Ideal to use in an inflatable vessel


  5. ENOS-Receiver ERX-PENOS-Empfänger im Steuerstand
    Always in command’s view: the permanent installed ENOS-Receiver with Touch Screen.
    ►  Perfect for liveaboards
    ►  and daily boats which are permanent in use


  6. ENOS-Receiver ERX-S
    The perfect combination of permanent installation and mobilty:
    The Receiving Station is fix installed onboard. It receives and evaluates the alert of the diver in need.An Bord montierte ENOS-Station
    These data are forwarded via Bluetooh to the Tablet PC which functions as mobile screen.
    ►  Perfect for Liveaboards
    ►  Ideal for boats which are permanently in use
    ►  Very comfortable on big boats: Just with a tablet in hands it is much easier to watch out for the missed divers
          ENOS®  is a registered trade mark 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY                                      

All data at a glance: ENOS shows precisely the positions of the missed divers! 

The key for a speedy rescue!

ENOS-Screen is easy to understand even under stress. It does not require navigation knowledge.
ENOS-ScreenLeicht verständlich: ENOS-Bildschirm
The  +  in the center of the circle represents the position of the boat. The arrow on the top of the circle shows the boat’s heading.
The numbers 1 and 2 within the circle are the precise positions of the drifting divers in relation to the boat. They are listed in order to the received alerts.
The radius of the circle adjusts itself automatically according to the emergency call farthest away.
The figures to the right of the circle show:
  • Numbers of distress calls received (No)
  • Identification of Beacon / diver (ID)
  • Distance and
  • Bearing to the divers
Displayed in the top right corner the data of the boat are shown:
Date, time, speed over ground and course over ground. Additionally the crew sees if the GPS data are valid and from how many satellites signals are received (each satellite one green bar; here: 8 satellites). The battery symbol in the right corner above shows the status of ENOS-Receiver’s rechargeable batteries (here: 97 %).
Due to safety reasons every ENOS-Receiver receives all ENOS-Alerts within its receiving range  —  even from "strange" divers who belong to other ENOS-Boats! "External" alerts are shown with all necessary data for a speedy rescue, except their names (Alert No.2 on the white screen above). Thus all ENOS-Boats can help and give support to the rescue.
Worldwide, ENOS is the one and only rescue system for divers, which is able to receive, evaluate and to show multiple GPS alerts simultaneously on its screen.
Individal AdjustableGPS-Koordinaten auf dem ENOS-Bildschirm
The screen of ENOS-Receiver is individually adjustable:
  • Relative Diagram: Shows position of divers in relation to the boat
    (right above, white screen)
  • GPS Diagram: Shows GPS coordinates of the diver
    (right, blue screen),
  • Colors: The colors of the screen can be adjusted according to light circumstances
    (white/black, blue/white)
  • Languages: English and German
How far is the receiving range?
How far ENOS-Beacon is transmitting?
Depending on the circumstances the receiving range is up to 5.6 Nautical Miles / 10 Kilometers.
As high the radio receiving antenna is mounted as huge is the receiving range.
For an error-free transmission of the alert it is important to hold ENOS-Beacon above the surface because the water wave absorbs ("swallows") the radio wave.
Therefore we have developed SIBO.1, world’s 1st Signal-Buoy holding an ENOS-Beacon high above the surface which supports the transmission of the alert enormously!
Alternative a flash-light (up to 165 grams / 5.8 oz) can be attached to the SMB which is much better visible due to the height
⇒  ENOS-BEACON   und  ⇒  SIBO.1
      ENOS®  is a registered trade mark 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY                                      

ENOS at a glance


ENOS-System provide numerous advantages which performed remarkably well in the specific conditions of diving business  —  every day, since 2005, worldwide

  • Immediate alert to the crew
  • The GPS position of the divers is relayed directly to the boat
  • Self-dependent and prompt rescue
  • Independent of international rescue institutions (Coast Guards, SAR, etc.)
  • Independent of further rescue systems (GMDSS, VHF, AIS)
  • Independent of external technology (except GPS)
  • Reliable and successful rescues, even in remote areas
  • License free, no radio certificate is required (SRC/LRC)
  • Free of charge, no costs
  • Transmission of alert all 20 Seconds, permanent updates
  • Robust and solid manufacturing, no leaking problems
  • Pressure proofed up to 330 ft / 100 m (for Tech-Divers up to 336 ft / 200 m)Mit ENOS die Crew rufen
  • Antennas protected inside the housing of ENOS-Beacon, no damage
  • Just 1 switch, no operating errors possible, not even under stress
  • Identification of ENOS-Beacon and ENOS-Diver
  • Receiving range up to 5.6.NM / 10 km
  • High frequency audible alert
  • Alarm advice on screen
  • Permanent updates received from ENOS-Beacon
  • Easy understandable graph which does not require navigation knowledgeENOS-Empfänger im Schlauchboot-Einsatz
  • Precise plotting of GPS position of the divers
    (not a Direction Finder)
  • Shows exactly distance and bearing from the boat to the divers in need
  • Indication of GPS coordinates of the divers
  • Reception, evaluation and indication of multiple alerts simultaneously
  • Storage of the data of the alert (Logbook)
  • 6 different ENOS-Receivers for all requirements
      +  4 portable, splash-water proofed Receivers (daily boats, inflatable vessel)
      +  2 fix installed Receivers (liveaboards)
  • Splash-water proofed Tablet PC as mobile screen
  • Individual applications due to external GPS and radio receiving antennasENOS, ein MUST auf Safarischiffen
      ENOS®  is a registered trade mark 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY