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SEARCH TCB-25 from Seareq

Developed by US Rescue Divers

Optimized by Seareq

Buoyancy Control Device  SEARCH TCB-25

The BCD of American Rescue Divers, exclusive at Seareq
SEARCH TCB-25 von Seareq

SEARCH TCB-25 from Seareq

The BCD SEARCH TCB-25 was developed in cooperation with American Rescue Divers. It is reflected in the very strong material and manufacturing as well as in its outstanding specials! Most of the features we have adopted, others we have even improved. The result is an extraordinary BCD  —  SEARCH TCB-25.
The classical ADV (Adjustable Divers Vest) cut provides a lot of advantages::
  • It provides a high wearing comfort because it stays close to the body without compressing it and without "fluttering”. The high ascending volume provide a very comfortable use.
  • Belts and cummerbund are infinitely variable; Very comfortable for divers using different suits frequently (Dry-/Semi-dry, Wet suit ...).
  • Very comfortable cut for ladies and gents in all swimming positions
  • In spite of its very high ascending volumes the BCD can be folded to a very compact size and to store it in baggages;
Extremely durable, extremely visible, extremely clever details
2600 Denier Strong Cordura
SEARCH TCB-25 is the most durable BCD at all: it is made from 2600 denier strong Cordura! No other BCD is made from such tough material.
Safety Color "Signal-Orange"
The safety color “Signal Orange” makes the diver visible over a long distance  –  above and below the surface. Only those who are seen, can be e can be rescued.
The Orange color has no influence on the behavior of the animals!
SOLAS Reflectors
To improve visibility to maximum SEARCH TCB-25 provides 1 SOLAS reflector on the top of each shoulder which reflects sun light and searching spots.
Individual Adjustable
In addition to several D-rings the BCD provides numerous loops to fix equipment.
große Vordertasche mit 2 D-Ringen und Re-tractor
2 Spacious Pockets, 7 D-Rings made of Stainless Steel, Re-tractor
7 D-rings are attached to the BCD, all made of stainless steel (V4A) and welded!
2 spacious pockets are placed at the front, each providing 2 additional small D-rings. Furthermore a Retractor (stainless steel) can implement in each pocket to fix compass, torch, note-pad, etc
Dump Valves

Sizes M to XXL are equipped with 4 Dump Valves (except size S), 2 of them are Over Pressure Valves (size S provides 3 Dump Valves / 2 Over Pressure Valves:

  • On the top of the right shoulder
  • On the top of the corrugated inflator hose
  • Backside, right down
  • Backside, left down (not availabe in size S)
The 4th Dump Valve  —  our contribution to "Equal Rights for Lefties!"
SEARCH TCB-25 provides on both sides of its backside a Dump Valve (not at size S).
Not only “Lefties“ appreciating for it but also all divers holding a compass or camera in their right hand while the BCD has to become deflated.

Now, the 4th Dump Valve turns out to a very comfortable advantage.

geteilter Schrittgurt
Crotch Strap
Often, Rescue Professionals have to jump into water from helicopters. To ensure the BCD stays in place even in such outstanding situations with very strong force effects a crotch strap is attached to it. Additionally the crotch strap avoids hits of the tank valve against the back of the head
It is welcomed from all divers who are diving down headfirst. It is split and does not restrict genitals. The crutch belt is fixed with 3 Fast-clips and can be removed easily.
By the way: The word "SEARCH" of the name of the BCD stands for the safety color "Signal Orange" which prevents that the Rescue Diver has to become searched!
Developed by professionals  –  available for all divers: SEARCH TCB-25

SEARCH TCB-25 from Seareq

SEARCH TCB-25 provides in all sizes outstanding high ascending volumes:
Power-Inflator vom SEARCH TCB-25
  • 37 lbs   /   17 kg   —   size S
  • 48 lbs   /   22 kg   —   size M
  • 55 lbs   /   25 kg   —   size L
  • 61 lbs   /   28 kg   —   size XL
  • 61 lbs   /   28 kg   —   size XXL
A Power-Inflator enables a speedy filling of the BCD.
The air spreads equally inside the big bladder. It makes easy to take an upright position on the surface and to keep the face away from the water. Thanks to the ADV cut the BCD stays streamlined to the body and reduces water resistance.
The cummerbund is divided and equipped with Velcro. Thus it can be adjusted independently according to the required length.
The special design of the BCD at the cummerbund ensures that the BCD doesn’t compress the diver’s chest, even not when the BCD is fully inflated. In this case it moves a little bit backwards and for a free feeling.
By the way: The number "25" in the name of the BCD stands for the high ascending volumes. From all sizes the most popular was taken.
Developed by professionals  –  available for all divers: SEARCH TCB-25

"The diver does not have to adapt himself to the BCD

but rather the BCD to the diver and his individual body movements.”

This is an important axiom of rescue divers where every move has perfectly executed. Best operational systems are required for quick access and deployment without searching. Therefore SEARCH TCB-25 can be adjusted precisely to the individual movements and needs of every diver. It is possible to customize the BCD so inflator, octopus, torch and other equipment can be fixed in positions where natural hand movements find them immediately:
Zahlreiche Befestigungsmöglichkeiten
  • 5 stainless steel D-rings (V4A) in different sizes at the front of the BCD
  • 2 big stainless steel D-rings (V4A) at the bottom side of the BCD
  • 2 small stainless steel D-rings (V4A) in each of both front pockets
  • Optional Retractor can be fixed to left or right of both front pockets
  • 70 loops overall for individual fixing of equipment with hooks according to normal body movements. No longer search for octopus, console, torch, camera, …
Additionally SEARCH TCB-25 can be adjusted according to the body:
  • The crotch strap is infinitely variable or can be removed completely
  • Both lead pockets can be readjusted to "normal" pockets ⇒  LEAD CONCEPT
  • The corrugated inflator hose is in 2 different length available:
    Take your choice which is more convenient for you
  • The flexibility of the corrugated inflator hose can be adjusted by shackle which can be positioned higher or lower.
    Sizes S + M provide 2 different positions, sizes L - XXL provide 3 different positions: Below  —  Middle  —  Top.
Schlauchhalter oben
Schlauchhalter unten    Schlauchhalter mittig              
Developed by professionals  –  available for all divers: SEARCH TCB-25

Gentle on Backbone and Spinal Discs: the Lead Concept of SEARCH TCB-25

Lead-integrated up to 12 kg / 26.5 lbs
The spacious lead pockets are strong enough to carry 13.23 lbs / 6 kg per pocket = it is possible to dive lead-integrated up to 26.5 lbs / 12 kg!
(As of 11 lbs / 5 kg weight per pocket we recommend to use soft lead pieces which are more comfortable to stow)
In spite of the heavy weight the diver does not get pain in the back because the lead pockets are placed exactly on the axis of the body!
This provides 3 advantages to the diver: 
1. Spinal Discs / BackboneVorne platzierte Bleitaschen belasten Wirbelsäule
Divers swim in face-down position mainly. That's why lead pockets are placed below the diver when they are positioned at the front of the BCD. The weight of the lead can cause painful exertion to the spinal discs and stress the back during long dives.
This is avoided completely with the SEARCH TCB-25 due to the lateral position of the lead pockets. No Backaches are experienced even after very long dives!, thanks to lateral placed lead pockets of SEARCH TCB-25.
2. TrimmungGut für Bandscheiben: seitlich platzierte Bleitaschen
The laterally positioned lead pockets also provide stabilized trimming to divers. Whether swimming relaxed observing the reef, turning towards your buddy or taking photographs in the open water in front of a drop off – your position is always stabilized.

Nothing pulls on your back and it allows a perfect trim in all diving positions! This is the reason why the SEARCH TCB-25 does not require lead weights for trimming.

By the way: The lead concept is the reason for "TCB" in the name of the BCD which stands for: "Total Controlled Buoyancy".
3. Case of Emergency  –  just pull
Seareq-Bleitasche mit großem KnebelIn case of emergency, the lead is found immediately without searching for it because it's exactly placed on the axis under the arms.
The lead can be removed downwards – according to the force of gravity – and not against it.
For this purpose just hold the handy knob of the lead pocket and pull down – quickly the pocket opens and the lead is released. The knob can be handled easily even with gloves.
Nevertheless the lead pockets are secured in their holders when they are fixed correctly. Jumps into the water are no problem; even not from the helicopter as the US Rescue Divers do.
Unleaded / Lead Free
If one dives without lead, the pockets can be readjust to "normal" pockets. So the SEARCH TCB-25 provides 4 big pockets to stow the dive gear.


Bleitasche ist umbaubarumgebaute Bleitasche
Developed by professionals  –  available for all divers: SEARCH TCB-25

Doppelflaschentauglich bis 2 x 10 l

Hoher Tragekomfort

The backpack of the SEARCH TCBB-25 is very robust. A double tank system up to 2 x 10 liters can be mounted.
The secure handle bar is strong enough to carry the BCD with a double tank comfortably. A rough texture on the handle ensures safe transport with or without gloves whether wet or dry.
For maximum comfort a removable cushion lays on the backpack.
Double Tank System
To mount a double tank system on the backpack a special strap / band is required. It is available as accessory / additional equipment at Seareq or at authorized dealers.
It is possible to mount a double tank system up to 2 x 10 liters maximum.
3 Tank Belts3 Flaschengurte sichern das DTG
All established tanks can be mounted on the SEARCH TCB-25. The tank will be fixed and secured with 3 belts:
  1. "Rebound Strap" is placed on the top around the valve of the tank
  2. "Carrying Strap", placed in the middle of the tank
  3. "Backbone Strap", placed around the lower end of the tank
    It is specifically "perceptible" during dives with long aluminum tanks which go upwards when it is getting empty. This can cause exertion to the backbone and stress at the end of the dive. 
    SEARCH TCB-25 divers "feel" the effect of the "Backbone Strap" because they do not feel the tank going upwards. Thanks to the 3rd belt the tank stays close to the BCD.
Developed by professionals  –  available for all divers: SEARCH TCB-25 from Seareq

SEARCH TCB-25  —  All features at a glance:

klassischer ADV-Schnitt

  • 2600 DENIER strong Cordura
  • Safety Colour "Signal-Orange"
  • SOLAS Reflectors on both shoulders
  • Outstanding High Ascending Volumes:
      +  37 lbs  /  17 kg  - size S
      +  48 lbs  /  22 kg  - size M
      +  55 lbs  /  25 kg  - size L
      +  61 lbs  /  28 kg  - size XL
      +  61 lbs  /  28 kg  - size XXL
  • Power-Inflator for a speedy filling of the BCD
  • Splitted crotch strap for a comfortable headfirst dive
  • Crotch strap is infinity variable and removable
  • 4 Dump valves, 2 of them with pressure-relief valves; Attention: Size S provides "only" 3 dump valves
  • Lead concept relieves backbone and spinal discs
  • 4 spacious pockets, 2 can be used as lead pockets
  • 2 tank belts + 1 rebound strap keep even long tanks close to the BCD which ensures very comfortable dives
  • Robust backpack with strong handle for a secure grip and transport
  • Double tank systems can be mounted up to 2 x 10 liters tanks
  • Very comfortable cut for ladies and gents
  • Straps and corrugated hose can be personalized adjusted according to the movements of the body  ⇒ PERSONALIZE
  • More than 70 possibilities to attach equipment to the BCD
  • All D-rings are made from stainless steel (V4A) and welded
Developed by professionals  –  available for all divers: SEARCH TCB-25 from Seareq