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Rescued - instead of gone with the wind!


Kiteboarding Bonaire, world’s 1st Kite-Centre protect kiters from dangerous off-shore wind – with MOBOS
Kralendijk/Bergisch Gladbach  –  Kiteboarders and WIndsurfers have a very special relationship to the wind: On the one hand they love it because of their hobby. On the other hand they fear strong off-shore winds which blow kiters on the open sea.
"Gone with the wind …"
Large-scale search operations are the result which do not always end successfully. Some have "good luck" when they become found in the open ocean after a rescue operation lasting about several hours. This danger exist in all windsurfing and kiting regions of the world.
Nevertheless, the watersport enthusiasts love the wind which is the reason why especially Bonaire is very famous. The Caribbean island belongs to the Netherlands Antilles and is located outside the hurricane region. The wind blows almost the whole year long which beginners as well as experienced kiters/windsurfers appreciate for.
In the south of the island beautiful "Atlantis-Beach" is located. Here Kiteboarding Bonaire is running its Kite-Centre. Four dinghies are anchoring in the shallow turquoise water to give prompt support to a kiter who needs help. Truly a clear indication that safety is taken very serious here.
MOBOS – worldwide unique rescue system
To help even faster now Kiteboarding Bonaire has installed MOBOS-System in December 2016! The "Man-Over-Board-Operating-System" is an autark rescue system consisting of Beacons and a Receiver. Both units are GPS supported. The Beacon is attached to the equipment of the kiter, e.g. to the vest, the belt or harness, the Receiver is placed at the centre. In case of need the watersport enthusiast just has to activate the Beacon by turning the red switch 180°. Easy to handle even under stress.
The outstanding character of MOBOS-System is its self-contained principle of functioning. The alert of the Beacon is relayed directly to the MOBOS-Receiver and not to SAR, coast guards etc. Using its own GPS position and the received from the MOBOS-Beacon, the MOBOS-Receiver then evaluates the precise distance and bearing to the person in need. These life-saving data are shown on a display – the key for a speedy rescue operation.
Radio Receiving Antenna in five meters height – Receiving range up to 5.6 Nautical Miles
To receive the alert even from longer distances "KBB" has permanently mounted the radio receiving antenna at a pole in five meters height at their Kite Centre. In case of emergency the portable Receiver will be disconnected from the permanently installed antenna and used with its own antenna in the dinghy.
Depending on the height of the radio receiving antenna MOBOS-System covers a receiving range up to 5.6. Nautical Miles / 10 Kilometers.
New on the market – and already twelve years worldwide experience
The manufacturer of MOBOS-System is the German company Seareq e.K., specialized in Safety and Rescue Equipment. Since 2005 they deliver their electronic rescue and locating system ENOS to diving centres to spot divers on the surface who became sewpt away by strong currents. Crews of ENOS-Boats never searched for the casualties, because they always saw on the screen where the missed divers are drifting on the surface. That’s the reason why no rescue operation took longer than 17 minutes!
From now on the guests of Kiteboarding Bonaire benefit from this experience! MOBOS answers the question where the kiter in need is located but also if he requires help! Sometimes it happen that KBB crew drives to a kiter who is swimming in the water but refuses help because of no incidence. Otherwise it happens that kiters have to wait a little bit until the boat reach them.
From now on these misunderstandings are history at Kiteboarding Bonaire Centre! Thanks to MOBOS-System the kiter can call for help immediately, and the staff can give help promptly – without waiting for a long time.
"There! Very far away on the open sea is the Kiter!" Without MOBOS he would have no chance - gone with the wind ...