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Logo VDWS international 2020/04 Veröffentlicht in: GB

VDWS International about MOBOS

The leading federation for Wind and Kite Surfers presents MOBOS as efficient problem solver


"Gone with the wind" is a well-known novel which was going around the world. 
For Wind and Kite Surfrs it's a life-threatening situation, if they are blown by the wind into the open sea!
Large-scale search operations are the result, not all end successfully ... because not all water sports enthusiasts are found ...
A problem that is not touched upon very much. Fatal accidents are hushed up. 
Although Wind and Kite Surfers can be located very quickly. In just a few minutes only.
And above all licensefree; means, without radio certificate. And without binding and expensice contracts like with a telephony provider. 
The solution is called MOBOS, an absolutely autarkic rescue system.
MOBOS article in VDWS International magazine, issue April 2020
ENOS-Article in EDA-Mag, Title 2019/12 Veröffentlicht in: KSA


EDA, Emirates Diving Association allows for a detailed insight into ENOS-System

An exciting article about ENOS-System! 
Did you know that an incident of 3 divers who drifted about 54 hours in the Red Sea was the "initial spark" for ENOS-System?
Read and learn why ENOS-System was developed completely different compared to all other rescue systems - and you will understand why it's still world's most succcessful rescue system for divers!
A MUST for all divers who are seriously interested in safety!
ENOS-System in magazine "Divers For The Environment", published by EDA, Emirates Diving Association
Diver in sea emergency, X-Ray Magazine 2019/02 Veröffentlicht in: GB

Sea Emergency Transmitters for Divers: What you know could safe your life

As a diver, how does one rescue oneself when in distress? Call rescue services? How do the different emergency frequencies work? Which one is the most efficient for divers?
And how does a captain react when he sees a drifting diver in the open sea while stays on the command's bridge?
Does he stop? Really? Do you think so?
In issue #90 of X-Ray Magazine explain in a detailed and very impressive article sea rescue frequencies.
Do they help in case of need? 
What happens when a diver calls for help on frequencies Channel 16, DSC 70, AIS, 406 MHz?
You are confused? One more reason for reading this article:
Logo underwater 360° Asia, online-magazine 2017/04 Veröffentlicht in: GB
A very descriptive article in the online magazine UNDERWATER 360°, written by HASTINGS FORMAN
The author describes clearly what sets the ENOS-System apart from other rescue devices and gives important safety advices.

Additionally in a short overview it's explained why sea emergency frequencies are not recommendable for divers; some of these frequencies are permitted and not efficient! For instance, devices equipped with Channels 16 and DSC 70 require certain conditions which can't be ignored - worldwide.

With regret many sales clerks argue legal conditions "... would be equal, the main thing is to become rescured ...".
IF the diver becomes rescued. A further sentnece used by sales clerks "... they have to rescue ..." is not always/everywhere true!
Logo Magazin OCEAN Czech 2017/01 Veröffentlicht in: GB

Záchranný Systém ENOS - Rescue System ENOS

A detailed article about the life-saving character of ENOS-System published in Czech magazine OCEAN (Czechian language).
About 2 pages the author describes detailed but reader-friendly compact the device: how easy it can be carried during the dive, the easy handling for divers as well as for the crews who can even use it on inflatable vessels. Additionally the principle of functioning of ENOS-System is explained.
Záchranný Systém ENOS - Rescue System ENOS
Logo Magazin OCEAN, Czechian 2017/01 Veröffentlicht in: GB

SIBO.1 Signální Bóje - SIBO.1, Signal-Buoy / SMB

What at 1st glance may look like a normal SMB is in fact a truly clever tool: SIBO.1 from Seareq.
The signal-buoy is designed in that way that an ENOS-Beacon or a flashlight can be attached to the top of the SMB which improves the alert many times over! Due to the height the visual alert as well as the electronic alarm is relayed much better and signals can be send out even DURING taking decompression stop!
About 2 pages the author describes clearly and compact the life-saving benefits of SIBO.1; well-illustrated
Logo Diver magazine 2016/05 Veröffentlicht in: GB
Magazine DIVER initiated a trial with Seareq's new SMB SIBO.1, world's 1st SMB holding an ENOS-Beacon high above the surface  —  or a flash.
Supports the signalling effect enormously.
SIBO.1 got 9 from 10 */stars.
A wonderful approval of our high quality equipment.
British magazine DIVER tested SMB SIBO.1 from Seareq
TAUCHHISTORIE, German magazine of Historical Dive Community 2015/03 Veröffentlicht in: DE

Brutally Honest!

A verbatim report of magazine TAUCHHISTORIE/DIVE HISTORY.
It describes brutally honest the diffculties Seareq had to stand after launching of ENOS-System.
Unbelievable but true: ENOS was battled by the owners of liveaboards and diving centers! Of all things from entrepreneurs who (mis)using "Safety Onboard" in their marketing campaigns but in truth they don't care about lives of their divers and customers.
Scandals, defamations, sabotage, bastardized reports ... sometimes life is even more thrilling than a crime thriller!
This press release is absolutely worth reading and a MUST for all divers who care about safety onboard.
Brutally Honest - Article in GERMAN
DAN endorses ENOS 2014/11 Veröffentlicht in: DE
DAN Europe integrate ENOS-System in its quality standards
The international institution DAN, DIVERS ALERT NETWORK serve and act solely in the name of diver safety. Apart of reseach and science recsue equipment is provided to divers, dive instructors and hyperbaric medical experts.
Magazine TAUCHEN Logo 2012/10 Veröffentlicht in: DE

The German diving magazine TAUCHEN presents several products for divers to give signals at the surface.


How do the devices work?
And how quick?

Which gear prevent divers from drifting on the surface hovering between life and death?
TAUCHEN presents rescue equipment for the surface - Article in GERMAN
Magazine unterwasser Logo 2012/04 Veröffentlicht in: DE
The German diving magazine "unterwasser" compare and rank liveaboards.
In this quality assessment the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS is an important criteria.
A close look: Do liveaboard owners take safety as important as they announce in their brochures and websites?
Comparison of liveaboards, magazine "unterwasser" - Article in GERMAN
ENOS in magazine RESCUE SERVICES 2012/04 Veröffentlicht in: DE
ENOS from the point of view of professional rescuers
Thorsten Trütgen, the author and also professional rescuer describes the benefits of the unique locating system from the point of view of a professional rescuer.
The article provide a very interesting insight into the rescue scene.
ENOS-System at RESCUE SERVICE - Article in German
GPS-Navigation and Radio - EURO SECURITY 2012/03 Veröffentlicht in: DE
EURO SECURITY, a magazine specifically for safety
The autarkic rescue system ENOS impressed the editorial team of the magazine EURO SECURITY
ENOS presented in magazine EURO SECURITY - Article in GERMAN
HELP YOURSELF! An overview of rescue devices for divers 2012/02 Veröffentlicht in: DE
The industry of rescue devices discovered divers a their new target group!
Latterly, several recsue beacons are offered to divers. Some products look reasonable and convinceable ...
ATTENTION: There are very important topics which divers should know prior investing money in such devices:
  1. Contrary to the promotional claims help will not be initiated, regardless of the emrgency call!
  2. Some of the products scuba divers are allowed to buy  —  but not to use!

Here magazine "unterwassser" clarifies and gives a transparent overview.

The Yellow Angels 2011/12 Veröffentlicht in: DE
Since years company Seareq care about the safety of divers.
They safe lives with locating system ENOS  —  maybe either yours.
Seareq has safed lives of numerous divers because the ENOS-System is successfulf and reliable in application since 2005.
All began with ENOS, in the meantime several other products were added to the product range, all related to safety  -  magazine "unterwasser" gives an overview.
Yellow Angels - Article in GERMAN
Elektronic Sea Rescue Systems - an overview 2010/08 Veröffentlicht in: DE
An overview of Electronic Sea Rescue Systems - from the point of view of divers
At the 1st glance the product range of Sea Rescue Systems seems to be confusing. Many systems, base on varying principle functioning using different technologies.
The devices are addressed to seafarers, sailors, divers  —  who all could get in need at sea.
Which system is the best for who?
What are the differences of the variations of technologies?
Magazine DIVEMASTER has investigated and clarify. A high-value overview, complete but compact, contain all necessary information for divers.
Electronic Sea Rescue Devices - Article in GERMAN
ENOS at German SAR 2009/09 Veröffentlicht in: DE
German SAR "Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger/DGzRS" tested ENOS-System in the Baltic Sea in cooperation with German diving magazine TAUCHEN!
An exemplary organized trial on the Baltic Sea to train the crew German SAR, "Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger/DGzRS" how to rescue a diver who is drifting in the open sea. The manoeuvre was operated with 3 Rescue Boats and ENOS-System.
ENOS at German SAR - Article in GERMAN
ENOS: Barely installed onboard - 1st Rescue! 2009/06 Veröffentlicht in: DE
A short press clipping show HOW quick ENOS can become necessary and HOW quick dangerous situations change to harmless
Cici Nedwed, owner of the "Seawolf-Fleet" in the Red Sea has equipped all her boats with ENOS-System.
Onboard of the newest liveaboard, M/Y SEAWOLF DOMINATOR, ENOS was paid after the first day of the first trip:
Although 2 divers surfaced close to the reef the crew could not see them because they were exactly behind the lighthouse and covered by the high swell.
Regardless of their inflated SMB!
After waiting for help without effect they finally actvated their ENOS-Beacons —  20 SECONDS later the rescue operation started!
Personal Experience happened at Seawolf Fleet - Article in GERMAN
Sa se pa mig.... Liveaboard Special 2009/01 Veröffentlicht in: DK

In the context of a "LIVEABOARD SPECIALS" the Danish dive magazine DYK ask 2 important questions:

1. What can divers do to becomse spooted at the surface?

2. What can a liveaboard do to find divers on the surface?


2 questions, 1 clear answer: ENOS!

DYK tested ENOS in context to a Liveaboard Special - Article in DANISH
ENOS - Anatomy of a Rescuer 2008/12 Veröffentlicht in: DE

"Safety onboard is self-evident" all say!

Sure, what else ...

And what's about reality? 

A critical surveillance  -  which will not taste all owners of liveaboards  -  but of high value for all divers. 

written from Linus Geschke

Anatomy of a rescuer - Article in GERMAN
When Divers Go Missing - Transmit Confidence 2008/09 Veröffentlicht in: GB

"Why shall I use my seatbelt? I am not going to have an accident!",

is a very special point of view.


Magazine "DIVER" has another opinion and made a trial with ENOS-System, 

in the interest of divers.

When Divers go missing
Logo magazine "unterwasser" 2007/07 Veröffentlicht in: DE

Heinz Ritter, publisher of magazine "unterwasser", want to get the approval and initiated an ENOS-Trial in the Red Sea:
2 divers from his editorial team shall send their ENOS-Alerts to the boat.

To make it as realistic as possible they were brang very far away on the open sea  —  during wind and high waves.

Which was not planned:
After the zodiac driver has dropped the divers into water he returned to the liveaboard  —  and left the divers alone in the open sea.

Now beads of prespiration appeared even on principal's forehead ...

Nachgedanken: "Test um Kopf und Kragen" - Article in GERMAN
ATLANTIS, das Magazin für Divestyle 2007/04 Veröffentlicht in: DE

An editor in chief with courage:
"ENOS is a Must!", demands Heinz Käsinger in his editorial of divestyle magazine ATLANTIS.

The clear statement has a gruesome background:
In January 5 divers got lost after they surfaced. Only one survived because he reached the shore after eight hours swimming for his life.
A rescue operation was initiated without result.

That's why Heinz Käsinger demands more safety onboard in his editorial and explains the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS precisely in a further article of the same issue.

ENOS muss her! - couraged editorial in GERMAN, ENOS - article describe the rescue system precisely in GERMAN
Logo 2006/08 Veröffentlicht in: DE

ENOS used by Professinal Rescuers!

Bavarian Rescue Divers put ENOS into acid:

Does the device resist the jumps off the helicopter?
And how fast is transmission of alert?

Everybody knows: During rescue operations every minute counts!

ENOS in Helicopter-Application - in GERMAN
Logo Magazin CAISSON, Gesellschaft für Technik und Überdruckmedizin 2006/06 Veröffentlicht in: DE
CAISSON, the magazine of GTÜM, an institution for technolgy and hyperbaric medicine, know the problem of lost divers.
Correspondingly to this fact ENOS-System is highly appreciated to rescue divers speedily and quick.
Magazine CAISSON describes ENOS-System - Article in GERMAN
Logo magasin PLONGEE 2006/04 Veröffentlicht in: FR
High-tech presented at trade show "boot" in Dusseldorf/Germany.
In easy understandable way the French magazine PLONGÈE describe the solution for a big problem: To spot divers on the surface after they became swept away by currents.
Press clipping about ENOS-System - in FRENCH
Logo VDST Magazin Sporttaucher 2005/04 Veröffentlicht in: DE
ENOS achieve Safety
A true summary of magazine "Sporttaucher" of VDST.
The editor in chief is one of the first who recognized the innovative value ENOS-System.
In open words he describes that divers going lost even after a good education and even when they are experienced.
Here, the new ENOS-System provide important safety!
ENOS achieve Safety - Article in GERMAN
Logo Egyptian magazine H2O 2004/11 Veröffentlicht in: EGY

The Egyptian magazine H2O describe the innovation ENOS-System, world's first GPS supported rescue systems for divers.

Many divers gone lost in the Red Sea which is the reason why the Electronic Rescue and Locating System attached high attention.

The Egyptian government as well as the institutions "Red Sea Association" and "CDWS, Chamber for Diving and Water Sports" were seriously impressed about the High-Tech-System, how speedy and reliable divers become rescued, hovering between life and death while they are drifting in the open ocean.

Diving with GPS - Article in ENGLISCH