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Pure Relaxation

Sailing yacht with MOBOS, winch
My wife and I are happy about the sailing enthusiasm of our sons (4 + 6 years). They always join us anhyow, on inland waters at home or during vacation on a charter boat.
Perfect family world. 
But only until the evening: In the time when my wife and I want to bring the day to an and, watching the sundown while drinking a glassof wine or a cocktail, the most stressy part of the day began because our son still want to sail on his "Opti" in the harbour. 
We are permanently torn between being delighted about his enthusiasm and being concerned to lose sight and not recognizing if something happened to him. Anyhow, most of the time we allowed to to cruise in the harbour and kept our eyes on him - not on the sundown. No relaxation at all. 
Since we use MOBOS - including inside the KADEMATIC children PFD! - the situation changed enormously to the positive!
If our son would fall into water we would be informed 5 seconds later and could give help promptly. The MOBOS-Philosophy "HELP YOURSELF" convinced us from the beginning on. In just a few seconds the crew is informed about the case of emergency and after approx. 1 minute MOB's position is clearly shown on the MOBOS-Screen.
For sure we still keep always an eye on our son! But now we are definitely more relaxed. As long as MOBOS-Receiver doesn't give alert our son cruises on his "Opti" and enjoys. And we enjoy the sundown and the rest of the day.
MOBOS is an enormous relaxation and improves quality of sailing. The MOBOS-Receiver can be carried in the handluggage during flights, the Beacons are packed in the big luggage.
We are absolutely convinced from MOBOS-System
Michael S.