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MOBOS versus rest of AIS

Search for MOB in rough waters

MOBOS versus rest of AIS

At "boot" show 2015 MOBOS-System was launched, world's 1st MOB-System independent of other technologies and independent of SAR
In May 2015 we  —  the mtcc, maritimes trainings center celle  —  initiated a trial in front of German island Helgoland to put MOBOS to the acid. The day of trial we had wind speed of 19 knots and 2.5 to 3 meter high waves.
Perfect circumstances for a trial to test Man-Over-Board-Systems.


We threw a great many of lifejackets and a MOB-Dummy over board each equipped with an AIS-Beacon, one with the MOBOS-Beacon.
The result was very impressive:
  • All AIS-Beacons reached a distance of 1.4 Nautical Miles only,
  • one AIS-Beacon covered a distance of 1.8 Nautical Miles.
  • The signal of MOBOS-Beacon was received even in 4.8 Nautical Miles distance!
    Additionally it has to be emphasized that we received the alert minimum 1 x / minute!
    In spite of these rough weather circumstance we regularly received an update from the MOBOS-Beacon.
In case of emergency it would have been easy to rescue the casualty because we clearly saw his GPS position, distance and bearing to him on the screen of MOBOS-Receiver.
Not only the performance of MOBOS-Beacon has convinced us but also the concept, the philosophy of Seareq!
It is well-known that more than 90 % AIS alerts are false alarms which is one of the reasons why it's not regulated in the international SAR-Concept. Means, a rescue is not bindingly guaranteed by SAR.


Here, the manufacturer of MOBOS-System, the German company Seareq, Safety and Rescue Equipment advances a clever philosophy:
"HELP YOURSELF  —  because the boat frome where you fell into water, is always the closest help!"
From here a prompt and speedy rescue can be initiated. All necessary data to find the MOB are displayed on the screen of MOBOS-Receiver: Bearing/course from the boat to MOB and distance to him.
Additionally I was seriously impressed that MOBOS-System was just launched but bases on a long-term experience:
In 2004 Seareq has launched a rescue system especially for scuba divers to spot divers who surfaced too far away from the boat or who became swept away by currents. Since this time no diver had to be searched and all divers became rescued just in a few minutes. After a very short tíme all divers were back onboard safely.
MOBOS provide all necessary information and the skipper can manage the rescue operation on one's own responsibility. The alert is relayed by a radio frequency which does not require an SRC or any other license  –  and is legalized even in inland waters! The system has not to be registered and the use is free of charge!
No wonder, that we included MOBOS-System in our training program of mtcc and of the AWN Skipper-Akademie.
We use MOBOS-System on our own regatta yacht "One Wave Ahead" (GBR 1000 X) cruising on the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
I am absolutely convinced of MOBOS-System to rescue people at sea.
Veit S. Hilger
Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor
Veit Hilger, mtcc