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All data at a glance: MOBOS shows precisely the positions of the missed persons! 

The Key for a Speedy Rescue!

MOBOS provide 2 different displays both are very easy to understand even under stress.
The simple understandable graph enable an immediate rescue  —  without losing time.
1. MOBOS-Screen, Numeral DisplayAlle Daten für die sofortige Rettung
The MOBOS-Receivers MRX-O and MRX-I are very compact and handy. Nevertheless, the Receivers show all data of the casualty to initiate a prompt rescue:
  • DST  —  Distance to person in need
  • BRG  —  Bearing to person in need
  • LAT  —  GPS coordinates of person in need, Latitude
  • LON  —  GPS coordinates of person in need, Longitude
  • ID  —  Identification of the received Beacon
    Here: Beacon No. 28, it is the 1st of 2 received (1/2)
  • UPD  —  Time in seconds, when the last signal was received from casualty (Update)
  • Battery symbol, shows the state (load) of battery
  • The semicircle below the satellite symbol signalizes valid GPS data ("smiling satellite")
  • The arrow placed on the left indicates the location of the casualty who is portside abaft. If the arrow is placed in the center of the menu bar, the boat’s heading is right on the target
2. MOBOS-ScreenAnzeige vom MOB relativ zum Boot
The MOBOS-Graph is easy to understand even under high stress. It does not require navigation knowhow!
It is displayed on the Tablets of MOBOS-Receivers: MRX-BT-O, MRX-BT-I and MRX-S.
The  +  in the center of the circle represents the position of the boat. The arrow on the top of the circle shows the boat’s heading.
The numbers 1 and 2 within the circle are the precise positions of the casualties in relation to the boat. They are listed in order to the received alerts.
The radius of the circle adjusts itself automatically according to the emergency call farthest away.

The figures to the right of the circle showr:

  • Numbers of distress calls received (No)
  • Identification of Beacon / casualty (ID)
  • Distance and
  • Bearing to the persons in need
Displayed in the top right corner the data of the boat are shown:
Date, time, speed and course. Additionally the crew sees if the GPS data are valid and from how many satellites signals are received (each satellite one green bar; here: 8 satellites). The battery symbol in the right corner above shows the status of MOBOS-Receiver’s rechargeable batteries (here: 97 %).
Due to safety reasons every MOBOS-Receiver receives all MOBOS-Alerts within its receiving range  —  even from "strange" divers who belong to other MOBOS-Boats! "External" alerts are shown with all necessary data for a speedy rescue, except their names (Alert No.2 on the white screen above). Thus all MOBOS-Boats can help and give support to the rescue.
Individually AdjustableAnzeige vom MOB mit GPS-Koordinaten
The screen of ENOS-Receiver is individually adjustable:
  • Relative Diagram: Shows position of casualties in relation to the boat
    (right above, white screen)
  • GPS Diagram: Shows GPS coordinates of the casualties
    (right, blue screen)
  • Colors: The colors of the screen can be adjusted according to light circumstances
    (white/black, blue/white)
  • Languages: English and German
How far is the receiving range of MOBOS?
How far MOBOS-Beacon is transmitting?
Depending on the circumstances the receiving range is up to 5.6 Nautical Miles / 10 Kilometers.
As high the radio receiving range is mounted as huge is the receiving range.
For an error-free transmission of the alert it is important to hold MOBOS-Beacon above the surface because the water wave absorbs ("swallows") the radio wave.
This is the reason why we designed MOBOS-Beacon in such way that it always keeps its upright position on the top of the inflated bladder of the automatic PFD  –  regardless of the swell! ⇒  MOBOS-BEACON
MOBOS  —  Speedy rescue for Sailors, Yachters, Wind- & Kite-Surfers, Canoe, Paddlers & SUP!
Flagge Deutschland      MOBOS®  is a registered trade mark and 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY