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Speedy rescues thanks to precise information!
Autarkic and efficient: MOBOS works absolutely autonomous and independent of SAR and external technologies.
Funktionsprinzip MOBOS-System
1. MOBOS-Receiver
The MOBOS-Receiver determines its GPS position [A] through the GPS satellites. It is now ready to receive and to evaluate the alerts of the MOBOS-Beacons.  ⇒ MOBOS-RECEIVER
It is placed onboard and has to be switched on prior the cruise begins. For Wind- and Kitesurfer, Paddler and SUP users the Receiver is placed at the surf station.
However, the MOBOS-Receiver is switched on all the time.
2. MOBOS-Beacon
The MOBOS-Beacon is carried by the water sports enthusiasts. Anyhow it is attached to the PFD, to the clothes or to the equipment .  ⇒ MOBOS-BEACON
MOBOS-Beacon is available in 2 versions:
  • MTX-A Automatic activation
    Switched on automatically by the self-inflation of the automatic PFD/ lifejacket
  • MTX-M Manual activation
    Switched on by hand; just turn the red switch through 180°
    Ideal for foam PFD/lifejackets, clothes, wet-suits of wind- and kite-surfers, etc.
Immediately after activating MOBOS-Beacon a 1st Alert is relayed directly to MOBOS-Receiver.
Without detours! That's whyMOBNOS is autonomous. No external technologies are required (e.g. AIS, GMDSS) nor external support (e.g. SAR, Coast-Guard).
Just 5 seconds later the MOBOS-Receiver receives the 1st Alert from the casualty: An audible high frequency signal sounds and a warning window appears with the note "NEW ALERT !" including the Beacon number and ID. The crew is instantly informed about the case of emergency! 
If the casualty is visible the crew can initiate the rescue operation now.
If the casualty is not visible the crew just has to wait until the MOBOS-Receiver shows their precise GPS position  MOBOS-SCREEN

In general this takes just a few minutes

GPS Position
After MOBOS-Beacon has relayed the 1st alert it determines its GPS position [B] through the GPS satellites. This data are also transmitted directly to MOBOS-Receiver.
3. MOBOS-Alert
The 1st Alert and the GPS data are relayed on a radio frequency which is license free and does not require a radio certificate (SRC).

MOBOS neither interferes in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) nor in AIS-System.

4. MOBOS-Screen
Using its own GPS position [A] and the received GPS position [B] from the Beacon, MOBOS-Receiver then determines the exact distance and bearing from the boat to the MOB. This data are displayed clearly and simply on the MOBOS-Receiver-Screen.
The MOB or the wind- & kitesurfer can be rescued easily  —  just a few minutes after the MOBOS-Beacon became activated.
The key for a speedy rescue; directly and immediately!
Without waiting for SAR
MOBOS  —  Speedy rescue for Sailors, Yachters, Wind- & Kite-Surfers, Canoe, Paddlers & SUP!
Flagge Deutschland      MOBOS®  is a registered trade mark and 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY                                      
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