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MOBOS at a glanceMOBOS-System


Benefits and advantages of MOBOS-System

  • Immediate alert of the crew
  • Transmission of casualty’s GPS position directly to the boat
  • Self-contained, immediate rescue
  • Independent of international rescue services: Coast Guards, SAR, MRCC etc.
  • Independent of further rescue systems: GMDSS, VHF, AIS
  • Independent of external technologies (except GPS)
  • Successful and reliable even in remote areas
  • No license or radio certificate required (SRC/LRC)
  • Free of charge, no costs


  • Transmission of the alert all 15 seconds
  • Far visible LED
  • Robust and solid manufacturing
  • Antennas protected inside the housing, no antenna damages
  • Fits in almost all automatic PFD even in childrens’ and SOLAS lifejackets
  • 2 switches available  —  according to request:
    1. Automatic switch for automatic lifejackets
    2. Manual switch for foam PFD, Wind- and Kitesurfers, Paddlers, SUP etc.
  • Switch is very easy to handle even under stress
  • Identification of MOBOS-Beacon
  • Receiving range up to 5.6 NM / 10 km
  • Very long current time: 170 hours


  • High frequency audible alert
  • Warning notice appears on MOBOS-Screen
  • Permanent updates of MOBOS-Beacon
  • Exact GPS position of casualty (no Direction Finder)
  • Shows precisely distance and bearing to casualty
  • Shows GPS coordinates of casualty
  • Reception, evaluation and indication of multiple alerts simultaneously
  • Easy understandable MOBOS-Graph
  • Storage of the data of the alert (Logbook)
  • 5 different MOBOS-Receivers for all requirements:
      4 portable, splash-water proofed Receivers
      1 permanently installed MOBOS-Station
  • Splash-water proofed Tablet PC as mobile screen
  • Individual expandable with GPS and radio receiving antenna for varying applications

MOBOS  —  Speedy rescue for Sailors, Yachters, Wind- & Kite-Surfers, Canoe, Paddlers & SUP!
Flagge Deutschland      MOBOS®  is a registered trade mark and 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY