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MOBOS-Sender MTX-A; automatische Auslösung


MOBOS-Beacons MTX-A and MTX-M are a result of consequent engineering research.
During development work our eyes were focussed on the needs of water sports enthusiasts. We demanded particularly high standards so that the Beacons stand rough water sports applications.
Handy and Compact
MOBOS-Beacon is 20 cm / 7.87 inches long, has a diameter of 3,5 cm / 1.38 inches and weighs 165 grams / 0.36 lbs only including batteries!
It has no impact on the user, regardless in which application it is going to be used.
Thanks to its pouch there are several ways to attach the MOBOS-Beacon to the water sports enthusiast.
Robust Housing, Reliable Manufacturing
The MOBOS-Beacon is very light – all the more it is very robust: No leaking problems!
All antennas are inside the housing, maximum protected against damage  —  this worldwide unique!
Permanent Updates, Far Visible LED
All 15 seconds MOBOS-Beacon relays its signal. The crew gets permanent an update from the MOB.
These short intervals guarantee a reliable transmission of the alert even at high waves:
If the casualty is located in a wave hollow while MOBOS-Beacon is relaying, it is rather unlikely that the alert reach the MOBOS-Receiver because the water wave absorbs ("swallows") the radio wave. But 30 or 60 seconds later the casualty is positioned on the top of the wave from where the MOBOS-Signal can be easily received.
At its top a far visible LED is placed which regularly blinks which increase safety enormously.
Additionally the LED shows the status of battery capacity as well as the mode of function.
MOBOS-Beacon can be combined with almost all PFD and all water sports equipment:
  • Automatic lifejackets for Sailors, Maritime Pilots, Dock  and Offshore Workers
  • Foam PFD for Paddling, SUP, Canoe ...
  • Attached to the clothes or neoprene suit of Boaters, Wind- and Kite-Surfers
MOBOS-Sender MTX-A in automatischer Rettungsweste
MOBOS-Beacon is available in 2 varieties for all applications:
1. MOBOS-Beacon MTX-A, Automatic Switch
Thanks to its compact measurements MOBOS-Beacon MTX-A fits in almost all automatic PFD  —  even in children’s and SOLAS-Lifejackets.
The housing is smooth and round without sharp edges. Therefore it does not damage the bladder inside the automatic PFD.
MTX-A will be switched on by the self-inflation of the automatic lifejacket. The MOB does not have to care about the activation, it occurs automatically.
MOBOS-Sender MTX-M an Feststoffweste2.  MOBOS-Beacon MTX-M, Manual Switch MOBOS-Sender MTX-M, manueller Schalter
With the aid of the pouch MOBOS-Beacon MTX-M can be easily attached to all foam PFD, clothes and sport equipment (Wind-/Kitesurfer, Paddler, SUP, Canoe).
In case of need it has to be switched on by hand and held upright over the surface clear of surrounding objects! (Please see below "Receiving Range").
Easy to Handle  —  Even under big Stress
The switch of MOBOS-Beacon is very easy to handle: Just turn the red foot by 180°  —  that’s it. Very easy!
No confusing buttons which are difficult to handle under stress and with cold, clammy fingers ...
After activation the asymmetric position shows clearly "ON". This avoids switching off by erroneous.
Receiving Range up to 5.6 Nautical Miles  /  10 KilometersMOBOS-Sender MTX-M im Einsatz
IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The water wave "swallows" the radio wave!
Water absorbs electromagnetic waves which is the reason why it is so difficult to relay radio frequencies in and under water.
For an error-free transmission of the alert it is necessary that
  • the radio receiving antenna is mounted as high as possible
  • the Beacon is placed above the surface
Especially the second topic is difficult to fulfill while the casualty is drifting on the surface ...
Therefore it is so important that MOBOS-Beacon MTX-M is held above the surface after activating!
Furthermore this is the reason why MOBOS-Bacon is positioned on the top of the inflated automatic PFD!MOBOS-Sender MTX-A im Einsatz
Here, waves don’t flow around the Beacon, it is the best position to transmit the alert.
Parallel it is the best position to determine the GPS data.
MOBOS-Beacon is not placed diagonal, sideward to the throat or shoulder where it is difficult to determine GPS and where radio signals are absorbed from the water waves ...
Compared to all MOB-Beacons MOBOS-Beacon MTX-A has the best position on the automatic lifejacket!
It supports the performance of transmission and of the receiving range! The MTX-A keeps the upright position continuously even when the casualty bobs up and down on the surface. MOBOS-Beacon is mounted on the PFD in such way that the inflated bladder keeps the Beacon always upwards on the highest point.
Depending on the height of the radio receiving antenna the receiving range of MOBOS-System is up to 5.6 NM / 10 km.
Why does MOBOS use batteries instead of rechargeable batteries?
The MOBOS-Beacon is powered by two AAA Lithium batteries, which are available all over the world. The change of batteries can be handled easily by the customer. No return to manufacturer, due to battery change:
  • Rechargeable batteries lose capacity by times even when they were not used
  • Rechargeable batteries must be recharged regularly and permanently
  • An unnoticed power blackout during night has negative influence to the capacity of the rechargeable batteries
For Your Safety
Imagine, a casualty drifts in the open sea and the rechargeable batteries of his beacon don’t bring 100 % performance hat  —  although it was recharged all night long  —  horrible ...!
This is the reason why we will never implement rechargeable batteries in our Seareq Rescue Beacons  —  for your safety!
MOBOS-Beacons are powered by Lithium batteries with a guaranteed capacity of 18 years! The batteries provide full performance even after many years. No loss of power, no regular check of the batteries capacities.
MOBOS World Record: Outstanding Power Management
The current time of MOBOS-Beacon takes 170 hours  =  1 week!
This is world record of all emergency beacons, set by our developing engineers.
Thus the Beacon has always enough power, even after several rescue operations because a MOBOS-Rescue takes just a few minutes in average. When the batteries have to be changed is clearly to see at the flash-lights of the LED and detailed described in the manual.
MOBOS  —  Speedy rescue for Sailors, Yachters, Wind- & Kite-Surfers, Canoe, Paddlers & SUP!
Flagge Deutschland      MOBOS®  is a registered trade mark and 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY