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What is BETA-Titanium?
Titanium is a very high-value metal.
During production the metal develops an "oxydically" protective face which makes it much more resistant compared to steel.
This is the reason why Titanium is often used in high technology industries – such as aerospace engineering. But it also used for the production of very high value equipment for extreme sports activities.
Compared to steel its weight is approx. just the half but also not so hard.
To enlarge the utility value the characteristics of the material of Titanium can be improved by a special alloy according to individual needs.
BETA-Titanium is an ultra-clean Titanium which gets a very high flexibility thanks to the BETA-ALLOY:
During the process of BETA-ALLOY the chemical elements Vanadium (V), Chrome (Cr) and Molybdenum (Mo) are added which improves the consistency of Titanium immensely.
Parallel the material gets a very high flexibility and the resistance to corrosion enlarges because BETA-Titanium resists salt water and even acids.
The Seareq Cutting Tools have "Military Standard" and a hardness of minimum HRC 50 (according to Rockwell).
+ carefully crafted
+ ultra-light
+ antimagnetic
+ extremely resistant
+ resistant to salt water and acid
+ corrosion free
+ no maintenance required after use in / on water
+ hardness HRC52 (according to Rockwell)
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