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BETA is BETTER!Seareq Rope Cutter aus BETA-Titan
The blade of the Seareq Rope Cutter is made from high value BETA-Titanium.
Thanks to the first-class BETA-Alloy the material is extremely robust and does not require maintenance: To rinse in fresh water or to lubricate with grease after the dive is not necessary.
Even when the Rope Cutter is stored in its pouch or all time long during vacation it does not corrode and does not lose quality!
Sharp and safe!
It has a super sharp plane blade positioned safely at the semicircular top. Thus divers can, without risk for them and their buddy, cut dangerous fishing lines or nets even in poor visibility to free themselves.
The plane blade ends in a very sharp saw with rough wave blade to cut thicker ropes and hawsers.
Cut easily above and under water.
Comfortable Grip  –  even with thick gloves!
The Seareq Rope Cutter feels safe and comfortable in one's hand tanks to its ergonomically knob which is made from plastic and additionally covered with velcro. The Velcro enables a soft grip and ensures the Rope Cutter in its pouch.
The pouch is made from Cordura and can be attached to the equipment in different ways. It is included in the delivery.
Total length of the Rope Cutter: 185 mm / 7.28 inch
Length of the hook: 50 mm / 1.97 inch

Weight without pouch: 52 grams / 1.83 oz / 0.11 lbs

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