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MOBOS protects Kite World Record Holders

A kiter at high sea - protected with MOBOS

Extreme Kiters rely on MOBOS while setting up a new World Record

For their safety Francisco Lufinha and Anke Brandt choosed MOBOS during "Odyssey 2017"

Bergisch Gladbach / Oeiras, Portugal  –  Francisco Lufinha und Anke Brandt made it! They finished "Odyssey 2017" successfully, kiting from the Azores to the Portuguese mainland.
In the time from September 4th to 13th they conquered 1646 kilometers / 915 Nautical Miles on their kiteboard, in rotating eight-hours-shifts.

Dead Calm - just a few hours after the start

They started in Porta Delgada/Azores in the early afternoon. Francisco opened the Odyssee and was blown with the wind into the open sea. Just few hours later the wind died to a dead calm about almost two days. While they bobbled on the surface they were waiting for the wind.
Finally the nerve-racking wait was over and day by day and night by night they crossed the huge Atlantic Ocean. It didn't take long time until they felt every single muscle and bone; their arms and legs were so heavy because of the long lasting physical stress.
Their skin was soaked by the salt water and their lips and eyes were burning. The doctor and the physiotherapist onboard the boat did all their best to give support and help to them.
MOBOS in the luggage
To be always in the eyes of the crew Anke and Francisco carried a MOBOS-Beacon in their backpack. The Beacon relayed their GPS position permanently to the MOBOS-Receiver onboard which is also GPS supported.
Using its own GPS position and the received from Anke or Francisco the MOBOS-Beacon then evaluates the course and the distance from the boat to Anke or Francisco. These data are precisely shown as an easy understandable graph on the screen of the Receiver. That's why the crew always knew where Anke or Francisco were located, even when they were out of sight due to weak visibility or due to darkness.
Water, water, water - and a lot of waste
One week they were surrounded from water and waves only - no land in sight, no island, just water, water, water. Nevertheless, they made a bad experience: they saw a lot of garbage and waste in the sea, drifting on the surface! To draw the public on this tremendously big problem Francisco shared his sad impressions on Twitter and Facebook even prior they arrived the shore - trust with the appeal to care more about environment!
Land in sight after one week
Then Portugal's coast line became visible in the horizons mist - what a feeling! Immediately they got new energy and power because the gap was within arms reach.
The final destination was the seaport Oeira, a city close to Lisbon where the news of Anke's and Francisco's arrival spread like wildfire.
At 04:40 pm they arrived. While they were still in front of the harbor Francisco unfolded the Portuguese flag and kited into the port, closely followed by Anke.
On the quai wall, in the harbour and at the shores numerous visitors welcomed the two extreme athletes cheeringly. They all became witnesses how succesfully they accomplished ODYSSEY 2017!
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