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MOBOS protect world record holders

Rely on MOBOS: Anke and Francisco prior the start from the Azores

From the Azores to the European Continent – by Kite!

And with MOBOS!

Two extreme athletes are going to kite 1,500 km across the Atlantic to the Portuguese mainland.
For protection against hazards due to weather, high sea and fatigue they use MOBOS
Bergisch Gladbach / Porta Delgada, Azores  –  Most recently since 2015 the Portuguese Francisco Lufinha is very well known in his country. He was travelling from Lisbon to Madeira – on his own kite-board: 874 kilometers across the Atlantic, non-stop in 47:37 hours! World Record.
"Portugal is Sea" is the slogan of his "Odyssees" as his long-race kiting-trips are called. 2013 he kited along the whole Portuguese coast, 549 kilometers. Now, the "only" missing islands are the Azores, the last ultimate step to complete the project of connecting the Portuguese territory by sea kite-surfing
Odyssee 2017: this can take time … five or ten days alone on the Atlantic Ocean?

Due to the fact that this huge distance can’t be accomplished alone Lufinha is going to rotate in eight hours shifts with the German extreme athlete Anke Brandt. They are accompanied by a sailing-boat with a doctor and physiotherapists onboard (the reach is too long for a motorboat). It’s not just the very long distance which will demand considerable efforts from them. In addition to the fatigue further dangers have to be expected caused by not predictable weather and finally by the Atlantic Ocean with it high waves. That’s why nobody knows how long this Odyssee is going to take – it’s expected between five to ten days. Soon the mission starts, they are lurking for wind, the alert phase is already "Yellow" – they start by "Red"!

Hard training, meticulous planning, professional equipment

Beside of very hard training the preparations consist also of meticulous planning as well as excellent equipment. However, in spite of flashlight and clear visibility in 2015 it happened several times that the crew lost sight to Lufinha during night – the biggest danger!

Man-over-Board-System MOBOS used as Tracking-System

To avert this risk Francisco and Anke are equipped with a MOBOS-Beacon which relay their GPS position regularly to a MOBOS-Receiver onboard. So they are permanently in the eye of the captain, a massive increase of their safety. Only MOBOS (and no other MOB device) can be used for this application because of its self-contained principle of functioning. It’s totally independent from SAR and external technologies and enables a promptly rescue managed by the crew. MOBOS-Beacon relays the current GPS position in cycle only seconds long. Using its own GPS position and the received from the Beacon the Receiver then evaluates the distance and bearing from the boat to the kiter – Francisco and Anke are always in the view of the crew.

Since 2015 on the market – but 12 years worldwide experience

MOBOS base on a rescue system for divers worldwide in application since 2005. Thanks to this device all divers became swept away by currents were located and rescued within minutes, even from long distances and in remote areas. The Seareq rescue systems are worldwide unique due to the autonomous function; they don’t interfere GMDSS. They are in application on numerous dive boats, private sailing-yachts and Kite-Center.

Rely on MOBOS: Anke and Francisco at the press conference prior the start
1/3 of the Atlantic Ocean on the kite-board - for their safety they use MOBOS
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