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Industrial Award 2016: MOBOS among the Best

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Urkunde Deutscher Industriepreis 2016 für MOBOS

MOBOS-Receiver among the Best: German Industrial Award 2016!

In the category "Electrical Engineering" the jury awarded the portable MOBOS-Receiver MRX-BT
Rösrath/Hannover   What a pleasure for Seareq: the portable MOBOS-Receiver MRX-BT is nominated for the German Industrial Award 2016 in the category electrical engineering.
This kind of MOBOS-Receiver is implemented in a splashwater proof case which receives the alert and forwards the alarm to a Tablet PC via Bluetooth technology. Just with a handy Tablet in hands it's easier to watch out for the casualty.
2015 Seareq has launched the Man-Over-Board-Operating-System MOBOS. It's a further development of teh worldwide successful ENOS-System.
What makes the Seareq System extraordinairy is the independent principle of functioning. They neither need support fom international emergency frequencies nor from SAR (Search And rescue) or Coast Guards. They don't interfere the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System)and don't use international radio frequencies or AIS! Instead of that Seareq-Systems transmit the GPS coordinates of the casualty on a radio frequency which is license free and fee of charge to the system integrated receiver onboard. Here the crew can precisely see on the receiver's screen where the MOB is located. Depending on the model of MOBOS-Receiver the GPS coordinates are displayed as numbers or as a graph. However, the data are easy understandable shown on the MOBOS-Receiver screen.
The nominated MOBOS-Receiver MRX-BT shows the position of casualty in the well-known and established "Seareq-Graph" which is also in use at all ENOS-Receivers worldwide. The graph shows MOB's position relative to the boat; easy to understand, even under stress. Additionally the distance from the boat to MOB is displayed as well as bearing/course to him and the GPS coordinates.
As "cherry on top" Seareq modified the Receiver in that way that a commercially available Tablet PC can be used mobile screen. It recive the data from the MOBOS-Receiver MRX-BT via Bluetooth. The receiving range of Bluetooth technology is approximately 40 - 50 meters; means, the device can be used even on a ship up to 100 meters length when the MOBOS-Receiver MRX-BT is placed in the middle of the boat.
But also skippers of very small boats will appreciate the new technology because a Tablet fit even in the tiniest cockpit.
The jury was impressed of all these topics and awarded MOBOS-Receiver MRX-BT.
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31st March 2016  —  PRESS INFORMATION  16/03 t.e